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Oil changes

Call on the experts at NG Tires Automotive Services next time you are in need of an oil change. All oil change appointments include a FREE 4-tire rotation, battery check, tire pressure check and brake inspection. Request an appointment online today.


Come to NG Tires Automotive Service the next time your vehicle needs its state motor vehicle safety inspection or auto emissions test. make it easy for you to keep your car up to date. For your convenience, please call ahead an schedule an appointment.

Fluids Service

You have thousands of dollars invested in your car or truck. Keep on schedule with the lubricant and coolant changes specified in your owner’s manual. These relatively low-cost services ensure superior performance, improved safety, and longer life for your engine, transmission, power train, brakes, and power steering.

scheduled maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to visit your dealership for quality scheduled maintenance service. In fact, any qualified auto care facility can perform required scheduled maintenance checks without ever having to step into a dealership. At NG Tires Automotive Services, we offer convenient and affordable scheduled maintenance services for trucks and vehicles, performed by our ASE certified technicians.

Maintenance inspection

An important part of routine service for your car, truck, or van is catching little problems before they become big problems. That’s why we give your vehicle a free safety & maintenance inspection every time you visit.

Ac Systems Service

Even if you never miss an oil change, it’s easy to forget your vehicle’s air conditioner. Keep your car cool, year round, with our auto ac repair service. Don’t wait for the next heat wave! Schedule an appoinment today!