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Brake Services

Life throws a lot of twists, turns and roadblocks our way — give yourself a break and make sure you’re prepared. Your safety depends on reliable brakes. Brake pads eventually wear down and need to be replaced, usually between 25,000 and 45,000 miles for cars, and 20,000 and 30,000 for trucks.

Steering & Suspension

When your wheels are properly aligned, you get a safer, smoother ride, better gas mileage, and maximum tire life. Avoid costly undercar repairs by having a qualified auto technician regularly check your front end alignment and ride control systems. Common symptoms that your vehicle needs an alignment include: pulling to one side, skewed steering wheel, or uneven tire wear. This puts your car at risk for early tire replacement.

Battery & Electrical

Your car battery needs to be stronger than ever before to run all of the on-board electrical devices and accessories—computers, power steering, headlights, stereo, GPS, A/C—oh, yeah, and start your car. The average car or truck battery will last at least five years. Replace yours before it’s too late! Symptoms of a weak battery include difficult starts, dim headlights or dash lights, and halting performance of electrical accessories.


Many engines need a “tune-up” at about 75,000 miles. A cleaning and tune-up of your fuel injection system and engine can revitalize your vehicle for many more miles of trouble free service. Vehicle tune-ups can also help restore power, performance, fuel economy, and reduce the incidence of faulty start-ups and harmful emissions.

Shocks & Struts

Let your vehicle guide you through the twists, turns and bumps in life as smoothly as possible. And if you ask one of the expert technicians at NG Tires Automotive Services, that starts with well-functioning suspension system.

Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

Today’s exhaust systems are more sophisticated than ever before. That’s great for the environment and your fuel economy. The trade-offs? Dreaded check engine lights and periodic emissions inspections in many states and metro areas. You can rely on the pros at NG Tires Automotive Services to troubleshoot any exhaust system problems and keep your vehicle and auto emissions systems running in top condition.

Wiper Blades

Millions of dollars worth of safety advances are engineered into your vehicle—airbags, antilock brakes, electronic stability control. Why cancel them out by driving with worn out windshield wiper blades? You can’t drive safely if you can’t see the road.

Hybrid Repair

If you own a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), such as a Toyota Prius, Ford Escape, Chevy Volt, or Lexus CT, you can depend on NG Tires Automotive Services for traditional auto services such as brakes and tires.

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